03.07.2019 To 05 .07.2019 General Body Meeting – Six months review
04.07.2019 To 30.07.2019 – Children’s Theater Group: Play Production for the Child Rights Festival
06.07.2019 – Service Programme: Cultural programme at Home for mentally Challenged and donating the fund raised on the Giving Day of Jolly camp
06.07.2019 – Vidiyal Nursery : Parents – Teacher Meet
07.07.2019 – Image – Movie Club
08.07.2019 – Vidiyal Nursery: Red day
13.07.2019 – Managing Committee Meet
13.07.2019 – “Say No to DRUGS” sensitization series 13.07.2019 – Health Care: Periodical Checkup for children atour Child Resource Centres
13.07.2019 – Mothers Meet
14.07.2019 – Fathers Meet
14.07.2019 – Announcement of VCRM Election – 2019
16.07.2019 – Reception Home: Training for children on Basics of Street Theater
20.07.2019 -Project Staff meeting
21.07.2019 – Child Rights Festival
28.07.2019 – Election 2019 – Electing new leaders and formation of new Children’s Council
22.07.2019 – Vidiyal Nursery: Experience the Joy of Giving
New Dawn Trustees


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Who are we?

NewDawn India, a Christian charity based in Suffolk, UK, has been supporting the work of Vidiyal in Madurai since its inception in 1996. We have five trustees – Mr. Neville Cooper, Mrs. Sandra Davies, Mr. Peter Ellis, Mrs. Brenda Sturgeon and Mrs. Sally-Ann Wells, along with a close band of supporters who are involved in fund raising activities.

Our privilege

We have been honoured to be welcomed as part of the Vidiyal family through the years and enjoy sharing across our cultures about the needs and achievements of the children in our different societies.

What do we do?

  • Many of the children attending the Vidiyal centres are sponsored by our supporters, who love to communicate with them through letters and photographs and to follow their progress with encouraging words.
  • Other supporters make regular donations to support the work at Vidiyal, while not sponsoring a particular child.
  • We run all sorts of events and activities to raise funds for the work of Vidiyal, including curry evenings, coffee mornings, concerts, quizzes, dances, garden lunches and cream teas.
  • Some of our Trustees and supporters give talks and presentations to raise awareness of the needs of the street children from the slums of Madurai, the work of Vidiyal and the Child Rights issues that are central to the Vidiyal campaign.
  • Our UK administration costs are minimal as most of the work is undertaken by the Trustees. We can assure supporters that every penny they give is used for the benefit of the children in Madurai.
  • We produce newsletters to keep everybody up to date with what is happening and to distribute news we receive from Vidiyal.

Comments from some of the suppporters

The NewDawn India/Vidiyal link is not like a charity, it’s more like a family.      Elly Evans

Until our visit we had no comprehension of the difference the charity makes to so many young people’s lives, with the commitment of such dedicated staff. It was an amazing and humbling experience.        Lowri Davies

Vidiyal is incredible and we were so encouraged by the visible effect the work has on the children and families involved.    Katie Lifford

The unstinting hard work of Jim, Sharmila and their team of helpers makes such a difference to the lives of the 300+ children attending Vidiyal at any one time. It opens up horizons never imagined possible a generation ago. Here, we need to keep fund-raising for NewDawn to sustain the level of support in these difficult economic times.                  John Sturgeon