01.01.2020 – New Year Celebration organized by Muhangal (Faces) Volunteers Forum
02.01.2020 to 04.01.2020 – General Body Meeting – Six months review
03.01.2020 – New Year Meet for staff and volunteers
04.01.2020 to 26.01.2020¬ – Theater Group: Play Production for the 25th anniversary
05.01.2020 – 24th Pongal Sports Meet
06.01.2020 – Vidiyal Nursery: School Reopening 06.01.2020 – Vidiyal Nursery: Day of Pink
11.01.2020 – Managing Committee Meet 11.01.2020 – Say No to DRUGS sensitization series 11.01.2020 – Mothers Meet 11.01.2020 – Vidiyal Nursery School : Parents – Teacher Meet
12.01.2020 – Fathers meet 12.01.2020 – Ripple Circle – Social Action forum 12.01.2020 – Tamil Forum
13.01.2020 – Reception Home: Pongal celebration & Pongal Sports day 13.01.2020 – Vidiyal Nursery : Day of Caps
15.01.2020 – Pongal Celebration
16.01.2020 – Thoorihai – Drawing & Painting Forum
17.01.2020 – Image – Movie Club
18.01.2020 – Project Staff Meeting 18.01.2020 – Health Care: General Medical Checkup for Children at our Child Resource Centres
18.01.2020 – Picnics – Places of Nature’s Bounty Beginner – Kuruvithurai River Primary – Kutralampatti Falls Junior – Vaigai Dam Intermediate – Rameshwaram
19.01.2020 – Full rehearsal for Anniversary
21.01.2020 – Vidiyal Nursery: Field Trip to Thirumalai Naikar Mahal
22.01.2020 – Programme staff meeting
25.01.2020 – Managing Committee Meet
26.01.2020 – Reception Home: Republic Day Celebration 26.01.2020 – 25th Anniversary of Sakthi – Vidiyal, Community Celebration
29.01.2020 – Feast for Elderly

Workshop on Short Film Making

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Between 25th and 27th April a workshop on Short Film Making was organized for the children of Vidiyal. 30 children belonging to the Image Movie Club of Vidiyal Child Rights Movement participated in the workshop and worked on six short films. Mr.JoePrakash, a freelancer facilitated the process and enabled the children in  developing  one lines for the films, creating story board, script writing and camera angles etc., It was decided to release these films after editing and dubbing..


21st Jolly Camp


The Jolly Camp was held between 1st and 10th May 2018. 241 children from 8 slums attended.  This year’s theme was ‘Impressions’ as chosen by the children and tag line is ” You are so unique; You create impressions in life” Children enjoyed the camp thoroughly and learnt so many newer things.

Child Rights Cultural Campaign in Southern Districts


Child Rights Cultural Campaign in Southern Districts was held between 14th and 16th May 2016.


30 Children

3 Volunteers (Mahalakshmi, Tamilarasi and Anbu)

3 Staff (Jim, Arockiam and Chandran)

9 Districts

75 minutes programme in each district

100s of people / children were reached

900 Kilometers covered


We hired a bus and continuously travelled from place to place.  At each district we had partnered with a local voluntary organization.  Each day we went to bed by mid night.   At each place our children gave spectacular mind blowing programme which included two plays and 6 folk dances. Each programme started with traditional drum beating (Parai) followed by a play titled “Searching the New Dawn” (Our first play whichDr.C.Jim Jesudoss wrote when we formed the Children’s theatre group in December 1998) and ended with a play titled “Pain” which we produced a few years ago. Our children were appreciated by the people who have gathered. The leadership potential in our children was appreciated and it contributed so much to their self-esteem building.



Workshop on Gender Sensitization



The Workshop on Gender Sensitization was successfully completed by 12 girls and 12 boys between 21st May and 25th May 2018.  As you know we always work towards developing the

significant in our social and cultural context. Our children are inculcated with values of equality and equity. They understand social exclusion based on caste, gender and various other factors. This workshop empowered them with newer perspectives and ways and means to deal with gender based discrimination.  At the end they did take an oath to stand for gender justice.



Session on Career Guidance


A session on Career Guidance for the children from 9th to 12th standards was organised on the 29th May 2018. It was made participatory with tools that suit children.  Children set goals for the new academic year to move in the path towards their career choices. Mr.U.AbdulRahman our Field Co-ordinator, Mr.RamHariour counseller and Dr.C.Jim Jesudoss our Executive Director anchored the sessions and enabled the children to look at their dreams and their aptitudes. Children are determined to move away from the caste based occupations that their parents and forefathers were tagged on to. A range of choices were brought before them which helped them to sharpen their goals for life.