10.04.2021 – Sponsors’ Day Celebration
07.04.2021 – Training on Soap Making
10.04.2021 – Mothers Meet
10.04.2021 – Managing Committee Meet
11.04.2021 – Training For Jolly Camp Leaders
13.04.2021 – Thoorihai – Drawing & Painting Forum
15.04.2021 – Children’s Library – Visit To Public Library
15.04.2021 & 16.04.2021 – Jolly Camp Preparatory Workshop
17.04.2021 – Image – Movie Club
18.04.2021 – Ripple Circle – Social Action Forum
20.04.2021 & 21.04.2021 – Jolly Camp Preparatory Workshop
21.04.2021 – Reception Home : Workshop / Training for Children
24.04.2021 – Launch -Campaign on Boys Standing For Gender Equality
24.04.2021 – Managing Committee Meet
25.04.2021 – Children’s Council Meet
28.04.2021 – Talent Hunt and Career Guidance for Children 6th to 12th Standards


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How can Wenlido help women?

Wenlido provides practical tools that any woman can use to stay safe from everyday violence. It uses creatively designed practical sessions, and problem solving exercises that help women find solutions. Wenlido offers ‘ways out’ of situations in which we feel stuck and helpless. In the workshop not only do women learn to

We organized a two day (20th & 21st March 2021) training in Wenlido for our Women staff and volunteers.

What is Wenlido?

Wenlido (translates as ‘women’s path of strength)‘ is a women’s safety programme designed by women and for women. It helps women to connect with their strength, overturning (or at least attempting to!) centuries of conditioning which convince women that they are the ‘weaker sex’.

protect themselves physically, but also how to recognize potentially dangerous situations early on. Basic Wenlido workshop focuses on women’s strengths and self-awareness and includes mental and physical exercise, breathing techniques, discussions, role plays, de-escalation strategies, in addition to releases and counter attacks to physical aggression (as a very last resort to conflict/threat).

Ms.Geeta and Ms.Thilagavathy from Makkal Mandram, Kanchipuram facilitated the workshop representing Wenlido India Network. At the end of the workshop our staff and volunteers shared their experience of how this workshop empowered them further in asserting ‘Women Power’.