01.01.2020 – New Year Celebration organized by Muhangal (Faces) Volunteers Forum
02.01.2020 to 04.01.2020 – General Body Meeting – Six months review
03.01.2020 – New Year Meet for staff and volunteers
04.01.2020 to 26.01.2020¬ – Theater Group: Play Production for the 25th anniversary
05.01.2020 – 24th Pongal Sports Meet
06.01.2020 – Vidiyal Nursery: School Reopening 06.01.2020 – Vidiyal Nursery: Day of Pink
11.01.2020 – Managing Committee Meet 11.01.2020 – Say No to DRUGS sensitization series 11.01.2020 – Mothers Meet 11.01.2020 – Vidiyal Nursery School : Parents – Teacher Meet
12.01.2020 – Fathers meet 12.01.2020 – Ripple Circle – Social Action forum 12.01.2020 – Tamil Forum
13.01.2020 – Reception Home: Pongal celebration & Pongal Sports day 13.01.2020 – Vidiyal Nursery : Day of Caps
15.01.2020 – Pongal Celebration
16.01.2020 – Thoorihai – Drawing & Painting Forum
17.01.2020 – Image – Movie Club
18.01.2020 – Project Staff Meeting 18.01.2020 – Health Care: General Medical Checkup for Children at our Child Resource Centres
18.01.2020 – Picnics – Places of Nature’s Bounty Beginner – Kuruvithurai River Primary – Kutralampatti Falls Junior – Vaigai Dam Intermediate – Rameshwaram
19.01.2020 – Full rehearsal for Anniversary
21.01.2020 – Vidiyal Nursery: Field Trip to Thirumalai Naikar Mahal
22.01.2020 – Programme staff meeting
25.01.2020 – Managing Committee Meet
26.01.2020 – Reception Home: Republic Day Celebration 26.01.2020 – 25th Anniversary of Sakthi – Vidiyal, Community Celebration
29.01.2020 – Feast for Elderly

Run for child Rights Mini Marathon

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On the 9th June 2018 the Run for Child Rights Mini Marathon was organized. Children, volunteers, alumni members and staff enjoyed participating in the 5 km run in the main streets of Madurai city. Our children from 6th standard to 12th standard participated.  It was a grand show and the Madurai public were very appreciative of this initiative and cheered our children.


Donating the money raised on the Giving Day of the Jolly Camp


We inculcate many values in our children through various activities and training workshops. One thing we wanted for sure is that our children don’t always stay at the receiving end when they have the potential to give and share whatever they possess. Of course they have virtues like love, care, compassion, empathy and so on. Whenever there was a natural calamity our children showed willingness to share their resources and organized many camps for the children who were affected in those disasters.


The giving day in Jolly Camp is yet another opportunity created for them to give a helping hand to those who are underprivileged due to ability or age. This year our children raised Rs.9,547/- through the contributions they have made from their little pocket money and decided to donate this to the visually challenged children staying St.Joseph’s School for the blind.


On the 1st July the leaders of Vidiyal Child Rights Movement, the Children’s theatre group and the children of Verhal (Roots) children forum went to St.Joseph’s Blind school and organized an entertainment programme for them. At the end they distributed a kit to 90 blind children studying in that school who are from socio economic background. The kit contained a bath towel, washing soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, nail cutter, pack of ear buds, safety pins, comb, talcum powder and washing brush. They were also served with a cake and native snacks. Those children thanked our children which was a hearth warming moment. Everyone returned back with a joy filled heart.


18th Child Rights Festival


The Child Rights Festival is the anniversary celebration of Vidiyal Child Rights Movement. The 18th Child Rights Festival was organised on the 15th July 2018 at the campus of St.Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Madurai. A carnival was organized in the morning for children to enjoy the day. In the afternoon children presented the various activities of their movementand completely owned the stage. Mr.Ganesan, District Child Protection Officer was the chief guest. The third volume of plays that were written and directed by Dr.C.Jim Jesudoss, Executive Director titled as “Saattaihal” (Whips) was released along with another allegorical story on “Right to Language” titled “Ore Moli” at this function.


Elections 2018 held in Vidiyal Child Rights Movement


We enable children to take leadership positions of their children movement and they do learn about democratic processes in due course. This is again our commitment to children to ensure their participation through creating structures and platforms for them to participate in decision making in all matters concerning them.


Every member of the VCRM participated in the election through casting their votes in a secret ballet. The top three positions President, Secretary and Treasurer are directly elected by all members.  Girls and Boys take these leadership positions with a rotation of gender based reservations. This year the elections were held on the 22nd July 2018 and there was a big hype and it was a tough competition. We do facilitate the process and enable children to accept failures and encourage them to work on to gain popularity among their fellow children so that they can contest another election later.  It all contributes to their overall development and children do take their responsibility serious and work hard to prove their mettle.


Feast for Elderly


On 16th August 2018 a grand feast for the elderly living in slums was organized at Vidiyal. 79 Grandmas and 9 Grandpas participated in this event from Vidiyal’s work area. They sang songs and performed ‘Kummi’ a folk dance. There was a take home gift kit for everyone participated which they appreciated.


Childline Awareness at Mothers’ Meet

Every month on the 2nd Saturday a mothers’ meet is organized at Vidiyal. This month on Saturday, 11th August, 2018 a session on Child Protection was facilitated by the Childline team. Mothers were insisted upon calling and utilizing the Childline services for safeguarding children from harm and abuse.   92 Mothers participated in this event.


Understanding Vidiyal Child Rights Movement


Sakthi-Vidiyal facilitates Vidiyal Child Rights Movement, a Child led organization in Madurai. An orientation programme for the newly elected leaders of the children movement was organized on Wednesday, 15th August 2018. Session included, Understanding Democracy and Representation, History of Vidiyal Child Rights Movement, Four fold activities of the children movement and revisiting the bylaw of the movement.

District Level Carrom Tournament


Three of our children participated and won in the District Level Carrom Tournament organized by YMCA, Madurai in association with the Madurai District Carrom Association in the month of June 2018