01.10.2019 – Annual Residential Camp at Pabanasam 01.10.2019-15.10.2019 – Nandhavanam- Sponsored Children Forum: Letter writing
02.10.2019 – Image – Movie Club
03.10.2019 – Vidiyal Nursery: Reopening after quarterly break
05.10.2019 – Managing Committee Meet 05.10.2019 – “Say No to DRUGS” sensitization series 05.10.2019 – Science Forum 05.10.2019 – Vidiyal Nursery : Parents – Teacher Meet
06.10.2019 – Ripple Circle – Social Action forum 06.10.2019 – Tamil Forum
07.10.2019 – Service Programme – Children serving elderly and wounded children living in slums, Distributing cloths to street dwellers and Serving at a Home for the elderly
08.10.2019 – Picnic – Historical places Beginner – Gandhi Museum Primary – Thirumalai Palace Junior – Yanaimalai Intermediate – KalaiyarKovil Senior – Tuticorin Harbor
10.10.2019 – Vidiyal Nursery : Filed Trip to Rajaji Park
12.10,2019 & 13.10.2019 – Celebrating the Girl Child -Observance of the International day of the Girl Child
13.10.2019 – Mothers Meet
14.10.2019 – Vidiyal Nursery: Blue Day 14.10.2019 – Reception Home: Observance of International Day of the Girl Child
19.10.2019 – Health Care: Periodical Checkup for Children atour Child Resource Centres One day training on child Rights for College Students
19.10.2019 – Managing Committee Meet
19.10.2019 & 20.10.2019 – Special camp for Children in Need of Psychological attention
22.10.2019 – Reception Home: Training on Understanding self
25.10.2019 – Vidiyal Nursery : Deepawali celebration
26.10.2019 – Reception Home : Deepawali celebration 26.10.2019 – Deepavalli Celebration
28.10.2019 -Vidiyal Nursery : Day of Dolls


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Sakthi – Vidiyal has several milestones in its journey down the years. The following are the significant milestones that we mark with pride.

  • 1993 – Registration of Sakthi
  • 1996 – Vidiyal was born and the first drop in centre was established D.M & R middle school.
  • 1997- Child Rights frame work is adapted to Vidiyal’s interventions and Child Participation becomes a cross cutting theme in every sphere of the organization.
  • 1998 – First children’s base group – Vaanavil- was founded by working children
  • 1999 – Vaanavil became the founding member of National Movement of Working Children (NMWC) – India
  • 2000 – Vidiyal Child Rights Movement began its journey with federated children forums and Malarkodi was elected as the first president of the movement.
  • 2001- Muhangal (Faces) volunteer forum was founded by children entered college.
  • 2003 – Sakthi – Vidiyal was recognized by Government of Tamilnadu to run the Reception Home for the children in need of care and protection under the Juvenile Justice Act 2000.
  • 2003 – Presentation of Alternative Report to the United Nations Committee on the Convention on the Rights of the ChildThe National Movement of Working Children – India organised a children’s consultation in 2003. Madurai Veeran, representing Vidiyal Vaanavil Working Children forum participated in this consultation, which prepared an alternate report to the Government of India report. At this consultation, the children elected Madurai Veeran and Manjula from Bhima Sanga  to go to Geneva to represent the movement at the UN Committee on CRC and to present the report.The Concerned for Working Children, Bangalore, facilitated the whole process and UNICEF supported their travel and other expenses. During the main session, Madurai Veeran spoke on the issues faced by child labourers. The UN Committee on CRC allotted special time to the two children.   Madurai Veeran was very vocal and raised his voice for his fellow working children in India. Mr.Jim Jesudoss accompanied Madurai Veeran and represented Sakthi – Vidiyal at this historic event.
  • 2004 – Four of our children S.Manimegalai, Alagar, R.Ramkumar and M. Ranjith Kumar represented Vidiyal Child Rights Movement at the World Social Forum at Mumbai. Child Rights for World Social Forum (CR4WSF) an umbrella group of organizations believed in children’s right to participation and working towards a just society in the context of globalization organized an event at the WSF themed “When every right for every child another world is possible”. Vidiyal has been taking active part in the process since its inception in the year 2004 at Mumbai.  M.Ranjith Kumar was elected as one of the panelist in the CR4WSF organized event and spoke for the right to education of all children.
  • In the same year M.Ranjith Kumar and A.Arafat represented Vidiyal Child Rights Movement at the children’s consultation organized by Child Rights for World Social Forum (CR4WSF) at Bangalore. M.Ranjith Kumar was one among the four children who were elected to go to Brazil to participate in the World Social Forum.
  • 2005 – Ranjith went to Brazil in January 2005 with three other children from other regions in India and participated in the 5th World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He represented India at the panel organized by CR4WSF. He spoke on behalf of all Indian children and challenged the present mode of economical development.
  • 2005 – Participation in the South Asia – South East Asia Convergence of Working Children
  • 2005 – Again Ranjith Kumar was elected as a representative of the National Movement of Working Children – India and participated in the convergence of working children at Kathmandu, Nepal with his counterpart Ms. Aymma from Bhima Sanga.
  • 2006 – South Asia Field Exchange Program for Promoting Good Practices in Child Domestic Workers Interventions
    G. Karthiga represented Vidiyal Child Rights Movement in the South Asia Field Exchange program at September 2006. She spoke on behalf her fellow child domestic workers and raised her voice against all forms of exploitation of child domestic workers. Arunodhaya, Chennai facilitated this process.
  • 2006- India Social Forum, New Delhi
    Vidiyal has played an active role in the India Social Forum 2006. The Tamil Nadu Children’s process was co-facilitated by Vidiyal. Ranjitha, a representative of Vidiyal Child Rights Movement, was elected as a delegate among the 16 representatives from Tamil Nadu. At New Delhi she was selected as a representative from South India and spoke at the panel ‘Voices and Faces of Children – Vision’ organized by WSF. She was much appreciated for her command and call for action. A short film titled ‘Vidiyal’ was released at this event in which Vidiyal children participated in developing the ‘story board’ and exhibited their skills in acting.
  • 2006- Sakthi – Vidiyal have become the founding member of the Forum for Promotion of Child Participation (FPCP) and Vidiyal Child Rights Movement have become the founding member of Federation of Children Movements for Right to Participation ( FCMRP)
  • 2008 – Children’s Alternate Report – Tamilnadu Process
    We got the opportunity of facilitating the CACL – CACT led children’s process of preparing an children’s alternate report on the status of children’s rights in Tamilnadu. The designing of the questionnaire was done by Vidiyal Child Rights Movement and Balsena. One of our children Master.Bharath Kumar served in the child researchers’ team and got elected in the core team.
  • 2010 – Olirum Muhangal ( Radiant Faces) the alumni forum of Vidiyal was founded
  • 2012 January, National Process of preparing the alternate report, held in Mumbai. Bharathkumar represented Tamilnadu State at this consultation and got selected in the core team that would interact with the UNCRC committee on behalf of children of India.  He continued his journey till May 2013 at Mumbai where children decided to send two representatives from India
  • 2012 May State Level Children’s Consultation for 12th Five Year Plan in Tamilnadu, held at Thirukalukumdram. Our children Tamilarasi and Sangeetha represented Vidiyal Child Rights Movement at this historic event.  This is historic because the state planning commission has just opened their ears to the voices of children for the first time in Tamilnadu history. Tamilarasi was elected as a representative of the delegates and she further had the opportunity to interact with the staff of planning commission on the last day when they presented their comment and suggestions to the planning commission. Loganayaki served as a young facilitator at this consultation.