04.12.2021- Nature Day
05.12.2021-Image Movie Club
05.12.2021- Chess and Chinese Checker Training
12.12.2021- Managing Committee Meet
12.12.2021- Tamil Forum
18.12.2021 & 19.12.2021-Rejuvenate Camp
24.12.2021- Christmas Function
26.12.2021- 30.12.2021- Junior – Workshop on Art and Craft
26.12.2021- 30.12.2021-Intermediate – Workshop on Sexual Health and Intervention Program
27.12.2021- Beginner – Training on Right to Protection from Sexual Abuse
28.12.2021- Primary – Training on Know about Plants


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This is Information Technology (IT) era and we felt the need for equipping our children with digital media skills. As an organization committed for the cause of Children’s Right to Participation we decided to enable their creative expressions through the digital medium. A series of workshops on Short Film Making were organized for the members of Image Movie Club, a children’s forum of Vidiyal Child Rights Movement. Children were divided into six teams and on the 4th October 2021 they decided the themes for their short films. On the 6th and 10th October 2021 children finalized the scripts, artists, properties and locations. The film shooting began on the 14th and ended at midnight of 16th October 2021. Children were so thrilled to handle cameras and enjoyed the making of six short films on various themes. They discovered their potential and hidden talents in film making and supported each other spontaneously.