04.09.2022 Quarterly Trainings Beginner – Training on Water Play Primary – Training on Art from Waste Junior – Workshop on Greeting card Making Intermediate – Training on Empathy Senior – Life skill Education – Leadership Qualities
10.09.2022 – Managing Committee Meet
10.09.2022 – Mothers Meet
11.09.2022 – Brainstorming for 5 days Camp
11.09.2022 – Fathers Meet
11.09.2022 – Child Rights Quiz
12.09.2022 – Handling Emotions
17.09.2022 – I am a Techno craft
18.09.2022 – Ripple Circle – Social Action forum and Image Movie Club
21.09.2022 – Training on Folk Dance
22.09.2022 -Home Management Committee Meet
24.09.2022 – Managing Committee Meet
24.09.2022 – Thoorihai – Drawing & Painting Forum
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Life Skill Education – Training Workshop on Know Thyself

by / No Comments / 16 View / July 27, 2022

Click here to watch video: Training Workshop on Know Thyself

Life Skill Education plays a significant role in developing fine qualities in adolescent children. At Vidiyal children learn life skills during their adolescence which helps in building their self-esteem. On the 26th June 2022 a Training Workshop on Know Thyself was organized for the Intermediate Age group. Children enjoyed participating in the workshop and learnt the nuances of self-esteem building. Mr.D.Arockiam, Director, Child Development anchored this workshop along with our volunteers Mr.A.Boopathi and Ms.G.Muthulakshmi. Many participatory teaching learning tools were used to engage children in a meaningful process.