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Training Workshop on Protection from Child Abuse

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Click here to watch Video: Training Workshop on Protection from Child Abuse

Child Abuse has been a rising concern for humanity in the recent times. In a modern society any form of abuse cannot be tolerated. Unfortunately today children live under constant threat of abuse. The prevalence of Child Sexual Abuse in our society is so alarming. Thus it is important that adolescent children are well informed about Protection from Child Abuse. They should be empowered to play their part in defending their rights and building a safety net for all children. On the 26th June 2022 a Training Workshop on Protection from Child Abuse was organized for the Senior Age group. Children showed lots of interest in understanding the concept of Child Abuse and shared their ideas for making child protection a reality. Dr.C.Jim Jesudoss, Executive Director, Sakthi – Vidiyal anchored this workshop along with our volunteers Ms.P.Nandheeswari and Mr.S.ThamaraiKannan.