03.12.2022 – Nature Day for Children
11.12.2022 – Staff and Volunteers Training
10.12.2022/24.12.2022 – VCRM Executive Committee Meet
24.12.2022 – Christmas Celebration
26-30.12.2022 – Junior – Training on Natuputa Kalaigal
26-30.12.2022 – Intermediate – Training on Street Theatre
26-30.12.2022 – Seniors – Training on Problem Solving and Decision Making
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Sakthi – Vidiyal and Olirum Muhangal jointly organized the 4th Graduation Ceremony on the 15th August 2022 at Melavasal Housing Board Colony, Madurai. 35 first generation graduates / post graduates and diploma holders were honoured. There were over a thousand people gathered at this great occasion. When we started Vidiyal, there was not a single graduate in the community and most of the children would dropout from school at 8th or 9th standard. Through our Child Education Centres we strategized to break this with a rights based approach. The community also stood with us and the children responded so well to the unconditional love and utilized every opportunity provided to them. Even today the entire focus of our work is ‘social inclusion’ and ‘self esteem building’ which enables the children to set their goal and empower them to achieve the goal. This is not an end; the journey is yet a long way. Dr.S.Aasha, Secretary Sakthi – Vidiyal delivered the presidential address and Mr.B.Suresh, Inspector of Police, C1 Thideer Nagar Police Station offered felicitation. Dr.C.Jim Jesudoss made the introductory speech. A few community leaders also shared the podium. Mr.D.Arockiam, Director – Child Development, Sakthi – Vidiyal made all the arrangements for the event. At the end Vidiyal children gave a spectacular cultural performance which was much enjoyed by everyone.
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