02.07.2022 Service Program (Inba Illam)
03.07.2022 Thoorihai (Drawing Program)
05.07.2022 – 07.07.2022 General Body Meet
09.07.2022 Managing Committee Meet
10.07.2022 Tanil Forum
17.07.2022 ”Child Rights Festival”
23.07.2022 Managing Committee Neet
24.07.2022 Ripple Circle
24.07.2022 Image Movie Club
31.07.2022 VCRM Election
31.07.2022 Volley Ball Coaching

Audio CDs/VCD


Songs are powerful tools in delivering a concept on child rights.  Since inception we have been using songs as a medium to communicate with our children with creative lyrics on any themes related to Child Rights and Child Development. Camps are the best time to write new songs on the theme of the camp. At Vidiyal we have the Jolly camp in summer and the 5 day residential camp in September which provides us the opportunity to create new songs.

Our staff and volunteers are skilled in composing tunes and writing lyrics on specific themes.  Those who compose and write songs look forward to receiving the appreciation from the children when taught. We have produced three music albums which contained songs themed on Child Rights, Child Development and on social exclusion/inclusion. Mr.J.Rajsekaran, a well-wisher of Vidiyal did the orchestration for these albums. We have also released one song on Childline which was done by Mr.Babu Rajasekaran, another well-wisher of Vidiyal.

Vidiyaling Athirvoli (Vidiyal’s Sound of Vibration) 2006


This music album contains 10 songs themed on Child Rights.  It has the Movement song of Vidiyal Child Rights Movement, which is like the anthem of the children movement. The other songs are themed on Right to play and leisure, Right to protection from feticide and infanticide, Right to information, Right to protection from abuses, Right to equity in school education, Right to choice of religion, Rights of Child labourers, Right to association and Right to protection from social exclusion based on caste.  Our children participated in choosing the themes and few of them lend their voices for choruses. Master M.Ranjith Kumar wrote the song on Right to equity in education. Mr.D.Arockiam, Programme Director and Mr.C.Jim Jesudoss, Executive Director also wrote songs.


Vidiyalin Aaravaram: (Vidiyal’s joyous shout) 2010


This music album comprises of 20 awareness songs on themes including “Child Rights” “Child Development” “Childhood happiness” and “social inclusion”. Children of Vidiyal sung four songs in this album. It has an upbeat music which will be much enjoyed by the listener. We have captured six songs which are widely used but the lyricists are unknown. Mr.D.Arockiam wrote two songs and the rest of songs were penned by Mr.C.Jim Jesudoss

Vidiyalin Reengaram (Vidiyal’s Buzzing) 2014


This music album contains of 25 songs themed on Child Rights, Girl child, Personality development, Social exclusion/inclusion, Critique on social evils and fun songs from the Jolly camp. The orchestration is much enjoyable. It’s a pleasure that three of our alumni Mr.Chandran, Mr.Ramkumar and Mr.Arafat have written songs in this album and Chandran have sung it too. Another amazing fact is that one our volunteers Preethi have lent her voice for 9 songs.  Mr.C.Jim Jesudoss have written and composed 19 songs and sung two songs. Mr.D.Arockiam has written lyrics for two songs. These songs communicates the message so powerfully and children much enjoy listening them.

Irulin Parai (Tamil) – Drum of the Dark (with English subtitles)
(Short Films made by children from their thoughts and lives)


“Irulin Parai” in Tamil exactly means “Drum of the Dark” is a collection of eight Short Films penned and directed by the children of Vidiyal Child Rights Movement. The members of Image Movie Club, a forum for film critiquing and media analysis materialized the idea of producing films on social themes and child rights. Each short film touched upon various issues affecting children including Child Sexual Abuse, Social Exclusion, Poverty, Choice of Food, Influence of cinema and Neglect of disabled children. Children’s expressions in these films are original and mind blowing which accredit them as tools for child rights advocacy.

Our Rights, Our Lives
(A Documentary Film by the Children of Vidiyal Child Rights Movement)


Children at Vidiyal learn about, spread awareness of, and exercise their rights. In this documentary eight child protagonists from Vidiyal Child Rights Movement narrate their life stories and how they defend their rights in various environments including the family, school, community and in the larger society. The documentary also touches upon how they enjoy, exercise and celebrate their rights in their children movement and how their horizon expands through child networking at the national level.


Vidiyalin Uyirosai (Vidiyal’s Sound of Life) Marking the Silver Jubilee of Sakthi-Vidiyal, this music album titled “Uyirosai” in Tamil which exactly means “Sound of Life” was released. This album contains 25 songs with an introductory note by Dr.C.Jim Jesudoss. The central theme of the album was ‘Child Rights’ which covered a wide range of rights pertaining to children including, Four sets of rights, Children inherit rights, Right to play, Right to food, Right to explore, Creativity in children, Protection from violence, Protection from superstitious beliefs, Children are change agents, Innate potential in children to get rid of caste tagged occupations, Protection from drug abuse and alcoholism, Friendship, Challenging Social Exclusion, Rewriting history, Goodbye to manual scavenging, Annihilation of caste, Motivation and Camping is fun. Ms.Preethi our alumnus has sung ten songs and four of our children supported in chorus singing.