01.05.2023-10.05.2023 – Jolly Camp for Vidiyal Children (URBAN)
12.05.2023-13.05.2023 – Service Camp at Korankombu
14.05.2023 – Short Film Festival
15.05.2023-17.05.2023 – Jolly Camp for Vidiyal Children (RURAL)
18.05.2023-19.05.2023 – Workshop on Short Film Making
20.05.2023, 22.05.2023, 23.05.2023 – Short Film Making
21.05.2023 – Children Council Meet
25.05.2023 – My Madurai My Legacy
26.05.2023 – Career Guidance
27.05.2023 – Science Forum
28.05.2023 – Drawing Forum


Child Rights Education through the game Snakes and Ladders:


Vidiyal’s first publication was this game, which is now available in English, Tamil, Marathi (partnered with CASA , Mumbai), Hindi ( partnered with HAQ, Delhi), Kannada (partnered with Jivanidhi, Bengaluru) and Odiya (Supported by Mr.George, M.S.W intern from Kodaikanal Christian College). We look forward to any partnership that might help with translating the game into other languages.

This game has proven to be an effective tool for explaining the rights of children covered in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). While playing the game, children learn about all of the rights pertaining to them. There can be a facilitator who can initiate a discussion after the completion of the game. We have also seen older children facilitating such process benefitting the younger ones in the children movement. The colourful visual presentation makes it more attractive for children. Credit for this game goes to the children of Vidiyal Child Rights Movement who have co-designed the original Tamil version of this game.