04.12.2021- Nature Day
05.12.2021-Image Movie Club
05.12.2021- Chess and Chinese Checker Training
12.12.2021- Managing Committee Meet
12.12.2021- Tamil Forum
18.12.2021 & 19.12.2021-Rejuvenate Camp
24.12.2021- Christmas Function
26.12.2021- 30.12.2021- Junior – Workshop on Art and Craft
26.12.2021- 30.12.2021-Intermediate – Workshop on Sexual Health and Intervention Program
27.12.2021- Beginner – Training on Right to Protection from Sexual Abuse
28.12.2021- Primary – Training on Know about Plants

Values & Core Belief

• Every child is accepted
• Every child is entitled to dignity and respect
• Every child is unique and has the innate capacity to achieve his or her potential
• Participation of the child is central to every sphere of the organization
• Discipline and Boundaries are essential to build a child’s character
• The family is the basic unit to provide care and security to every child



We Believe in Children being the Present and Part of Building a Peaceful and Just Society