01.03.2020 – Service Programme – Children serving elderly and wounded children living in slums, Distributing cloths to street dwellers and Serving at a Home for the elderly
07.03.2020 – Managing Committee Meet
07.03.2020 – Vidiyal Nursery : Parents – Teacher Meet
07.03.2020 – Training for Staff and Volunteers
08.03.2020 – Community cooking
10.03.2020 – Reception Home: Training on Leadership qualities
14.03.2020 – Children’s Library : Enhancing Reading Habit
14.03.2020 – Management Committee Meet and Finance Committee Meet
20.03.2020 – “Say No to DRUGS “ sensitization series
22.03.2020 – Fathers picnic
23.03.2020 – Vidiyal Nursery: 17th Annual Day celebration
29.03.2020 – Science Forum

Values & Core Belief

• Every child is accepted
• Every child is entitled to dignity and respect
• Every child is unique and has the innate capacity to achieve his or her potential
• Participation of the child is central to every sphere of the organization
• Discipline and Boundaries are essential to build a child’s character
• The family is the basic unit to provide care and security to every child



We Believe in Children being the Present and Part of Building a Peaceful and Just Society