01.11.2022 to 15.11.2022 – Nandhavanam: Sponsored Children’s Forum – Christmas Card Making
06.11.2022 – Children’s Council Meet
12.11.2022 – Managing Committee Meet
12.11.2022 – Mothers Meet
13.11.2022 – Tamil Forum
13.11.2022 – Fathers Meet
14.11.2022 – Training on loving all living beings
19.11.2022 End Child Sexual Abuse day
20.11.2022 Ripple Circle – Social Action Forum
23.11.2022 Training on Herbal Medicine & Granny Medicine
26.11.2022 – Managing Committee Meet
26.11.2022 – Athirvuhal Forum: Releasing ‘VidiyalParavaihal’(Vidiyal Birds) Hand written magazine
27.11.2022 Thoorihai – Drawing & Painting Forum, Image Movie Club


Our Objectives
• To create a congenial environment for integrated holistic development of children
• To restore childhood to all children
• To provide a caring and safe environment to street and working children
• To enable rescue and rehabilitation of children in distress
• To provide basic needs to children coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.
• To ensure development of socially excluded children through prioritizing their Rights
• To address the social disadvantage of children by focusing on celebrating self
• To teach life skills and values
• To encourage children to celebrate our diversified culture
• To prevent children from becoming child labourers
• To ensure opportunities for education and vocational training
• To ensure opportunities to acquire computer skills and to access information technology
• To ensure Child Rights in society by providing child rights education to all stakeholders
• To monitor various social structures including the family and school and ensure protection of children from abuse, exploitation and discrimination