04.12.2021- Nature Day
05.12.2021-Image Movie Club
05.12.2021- Chess and Chinese Checker Training
12.12.2021- Managing Committee Meet
12.12.2021- Tamil Forum
18.12.2021 & 19.12.2021-Rejuvenate Camp
24.12.2021- Christmas Function
26.12.2021- 30.12.2021- Junior – Workshop on Art and Craft
26.12.2021- 30.12.2021-Intermediate – Workshop on Sexual Health and Intervention Program
27.12.2021- Beginner – Training on Right to Protection from Sexual Abuse
28.12.2021- Primary – Training on Know about Plants


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Article 14 of the The United National Convention on the Rights of the Child endorses the Child’s Right to Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion. It is important that the children understand the difference between Choice of Religious Faith and Religious Fundamentalism so that they respect people belonging to other faith and learn to celebrate the differences. On the 21st November the Ripple Circle of Vidiyal Child Rights Movement organized a session on the above topic. Mr.Thangapandian, a social activist facilitated the session and enabled children to understand the concept of ‘religious fundamentalism’ and ‘celebrating differences’. Earlier Dr.Jim Jesudoss led the singing session in which children enjoyed singing songs on the above theme.
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