04.02.2024 – Quarterly Trainings / Beginner – Workshop on Listening to Stories / Primary – Training on Team Building / Junior – Training on Meaningful Hobbies / Intermediate – Life Skill Education Interpersonal Relationships / Senior – Life Skill Education – Coping with Stress
10.02.2024 – Managing Committee Meeting
11.02.2024 – Campaign on Boys Standing for Gender Equality
17.02.2024 – A day in Bus Library – Melavasal Centre 3
17.02.2024 – Group Counselling – Exercise on Confidence building to face the Annual Examination
18.02.2024 – Ripple Circle – Social Action forum
18.02.2024 – Image Media Club
18.02.2024 – Athirvuhal Forum: Releasing ‘VidiyalParavaihal’(Vidiyal Birds) Hand written Magazine
24.02. 2024 – Releasing of Shortfilms
24.02. 2024 – Managing Committee Meeting
25.02. 2024 – Picnics to Places of Nature’s Bounty / Beginner – Vagai River at Solavanthan by Train / Primary – Kutladampatti Waterfall / Junior – Vaigai Dam / Intermediate – Rameshwaram Coast / Senior – Kodaikanal Hills

Vidiyal Nursery



Children from excluded communities often lack a simulating environment during their early years of sensory development. To address this issue Vidiyal established a nursery in the year 2003 which has been functioning with in Vidiyal at its premises at Muthupatti. Innovative teaching methodology is followed to kindle the interest in children. Child friendly tools are used and caring environment is provided to ensure age appropriate sensory development and growth. Children are given participatory learning tools to explore their environment.
They stay in the kindergarten for two years and join a primary school of the family’s choice. Nutritious food is provided which makes the children healthy and strong. The sports day and anniversary day are very spectacular with a stunning performance by the children. They also have periodic exposure visits planned which includes visit to a market, visit to biscuit company and a short trip by train. On an average 30 children attend the nursery.
Monthly parents meet is conducted to discuss the growth of children. Parents share issues and receive appropriate measures to resolve issues. After leaving the kindergarten children are encouraged to come to any of the Child Resource Centres run by Vidiyal. We notice that children coming through our nursery do well in primary school.
Our dream of starting a primary school for our children is still alive and we aspire to achieve it in the near future.