01.04.2024 – Tailoring Unit: Commencement of Six Months Course
10.04.2024 – Ramzan Celebration
13.04.2024 – Executive Committee Meeting
13.04.2024 – A Day in Bus Library – Avaniyapuram Centre – 2
13.04.2024 – Mothers Meet
16.04.2024 – Tailoring Unit: Distribution of Sewing Machines
14.04.2024 – Training for Jolly Camp Leaders
21.04.2024 – Thoorihai – Drawing & Painting Forum
24.04.2024 and 25.04.2024 – Trainings on Social Audit – Status of Children and Issues affecting children
27.04.2024 – Sponsors’ Day Celebration
27.04.2024 – Executive Committee Meeting
28.04.2024 – Children’s Council Meet
29.04.2024 – Ripple Circle – Social Action Forum
29.04.2024 – Image Media Club




People who respect India’s sovereignty would quite understand the existence of the law of the land, which takes care of any initiative of its citizens. A team of child development professionals, social workers, psychologists, educationists and eminent citizens have signed the memorandum and articles of association of Sakthi and committed their knowledge, skill, time and expertise for a social cause. Voluntarism is the spirit of this team and they offer honorary assistance in developing policies and ensure effective implementation of the programmes and projects of Sakthi. The General body elects the management committee and the office bearers from time to time. A budget is approved by the board which is submitted to the funding partners for mobilizing financial support to our programmes and projects. The office bearers look into the administration and monitor financial management.
The core team comprises of the Executive Director, Director – Child Development, Director – Child Protection, Director – Child Participation, Head – Volunteer Programme, Academic Trainer, Student Counselor, Project Coordinators, Cluster Coordinators, Digital Media Trainer, Superintendent, Child Welfare Officer, Accountants and Counselors. They engage in a participatory decision making process with regard to the implementation, monitoring and concurrent review of the programmes and projects.
Children participate in the working of the organization with representation in the board and in committees working for the welfare of the child.
The Executive Director is responsible for designing, implementing and directing projects and programmes in consultation with the board. The executive director is accountable for financial and personnel management.

The Executive Director implements child rights, monitors and evaluates periodically the child protection strategies and systems, outline the rules and procedures in child management and sets guidelines for the conduct of staff.

The working staff is led by the Executive Director who implements programmes for child rights, through Director – Child Development, Director – Child Protection, Director – Child Participation, assisted by Project and ClusterCoordinators, Support Staff and Volunteers.

The Director – Child Development, Director – Child Protection, Director – Child Participation implement, monitor and evaluate the programmes for child provision, child development, child protection and child participation
Administration and financial management staff report to the Executive Director.

The Academic Trainer, Student Counselor, Project Coordinator and Cluster Coordinators are responsible for the effective and efficient management of Child Education Centers and work directly with the communities.

Support Staff and Volunteers work directly with children at the Child EducationCenters.
The Superintendent and Child Welfare Officer are responsible for the effective and efficient management of the Children’s Home.
The support staff of the Children’s Home are directly responsible for ensuring the safety and care of children living in the children’s home.
The Volunteers Forum called ‘Muhangal’ meaning ‘Faces’ works in the Child Education Centers and in the children’s forum providing leadership, care and protection of the younger children.
Vidiyal works with Olirum Muhangal (Radiant Faces) the alumni of Vidiyal to engage themselves with children in the programmes, camps and activities of Vidiyal and Vidiyal Child Rights Movement.