01.05.2024-10.05.2024 – Jollycamp
11.05.2024 – Short film Festival
11.05.2024 – Executive Committee Meeting
14.05.2024-16.05.2024 – Training on Parayattam
19.05.2024 – Training for Young Facilitators
26.05.2024 – Service Program
26.05.2024 – Executive Committee Meeting
26.05.2024 – Let’s Party
28.05.2024 – Visit Kalaignar Centenary Library
31.05.2024 – Workshop on Career Guidance



The Management Structure
Sakthi is headed by Dr. Sujatha Rita, a professional social worker and a development consultant. She brings her expertise in terms of programme design and strategic planning. Dr.Ashafunctions as the secretary and Mrs. Andal plays her role of the treasurer and ensures effective management of resources. The day today affairs of Sakthi are managed by the Executive Director. Dr. Jim Jesudoss serves as the Executive Director of Sakthi and looks after the overall direction of the programmes and projects. He closely interacts with the Child Development, Child Protection and Child Participation departments and helps them move towards the overall goals of the organization.

Sakthi follows a transparent accounting system which passes through a minimum of five people – the Cashier, Accountant, Director – Child Development/ Director – Child Protection / Director – Child Participation, Executive Director, Treasurer/Secretary. Yearly external audit is mandatory after which audited statement of accounts is filed with the Registrar of societies, Government of Tamilnadu and with the Department of Income Tax and Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

A Child Policy has been developed through a participatory process which covers the entire child rights domain and governs any intervention concerning children.

Children participate in the working of the organization with representation in the board and in committees working for the welfare of the child.

Children participate in the budgeting and join the staff team in spending the money for various programmes and activities. Sakthi encourages children to be part of the implementation without burdening them with adult responsibilities. Development of personhood in children is encouraged and recognized with due respect.

Sakthi conducts periodical evaluation of its programmes and projects to promote high standards of accountability and transparency and incorporates the recommendations for future planning.

The liaison between the Government departments and networking with other organizations is looked after by the Executive Director.

There is only a functional hierarchy and each member of the staff team enjoys equal status and children are always in the prime focus of the Sakthi – Vidiyal commune. A personal policy is in place to manage staff. A policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) at work place is there ensure safety.

Vidiyal was initiated as a spontaneous response to the needs of the children from marginalized communities including the street children and children from slums. Now it has grown beyond the charity mode and taken Children’s Rights as the frame work for its operation.

Mr.Arockiam heads the department of Child Development and facilitates various activities of Vidiyal with the support of the Academic Trainer, Student Counselor and support staff. He works very closely with the Vidiyal Child Rights Movement, a child led organization. Since 1997 we facilitated the process of developing a Rights Based Children’s Organization which empowered children to found Vidiyal Child Rights Movement in the year 2000.

Though it is intended to initiate new activities much importance has been given to those activities which the children rate high in periodical participatory reviews.


Vidiyal has projects which provide unique services to the children coming to Vidiyal. Some of these projects offer 24 hours services to the children coming from various backgrounds. Dr.SharmilaJim heads Department of Child Protection as the part-timeDirector and manages the projects with a team of qualifiedsupport staff. She ensures that the specific needs of each child admitted in our shelter home are met and life at Vidiyal is comfortable for them. Since the Reception Home is functioning 24 hours/ 365 days it becomes a challenging task at times.