01.07.2024 To 10.07.2024 – Handing over responsibilities to the new Office Bearers
06.07.2024 – Executive Committee Meeting
07.07.2024 – Children’s Council Meeting
13.07.2024 – A Day in Bus Library – Melavasal 2
14.07.2024 – Service Programme
17.07.2024 – Understanding Children Movement – Part I – Executive Committee Meeting
21.07.2024 – Ripple Circle – Social Action Forum
21.07.2024 – Image Media Club
19.07.2024 – Meeting with Centres in – Charge
21.07.2024 – Monthly Meeting
28.07.2024 – Welcome Party & Election



Trainings & Workshops

The rich experience in working with children from excluded communities and the opportunities to undergo various trainings at local, national and international levels enabled us emerging as an organization with great capacities to facilitate trainings and workshops for children and personnel working with children. Though we are capable of organizing structured trainings, we intend to cater to the special needs of our clients with tailor made training designs. The unique features of our trainings and workshops are participatory, process oriented, adequate theoretical framework, examples from the field, meaningful games, simulation, specially designed activities to provide a stimulating environment for the participants, and appropriate information sharing.
We are specialized in the following topics

Child Rights
• Understanding Child Rights
• International Framework and Child Rights Education
• Child Participation
• Movement building and developing children’s organizations
• Child Protection
• Child care standards
• Child Rights advocacy
• Child Protection Policy

• Basics of Child Psychology
• Development Psychology
• Adolescent Psychology
• Psycho Social Care
• Counselling
• Emotional Intelligence

Sexual Health
• Effective Handling of Adolescence
• Sexual Health Intervention Programme (SHIP)
• Protection from Child Sexual Abuse

Addressing Social Issues
• Gender Sensitization
• Social Analysis
• Understanding Social Exclusion
• Media analysis

Personality Development
• Life skills education
• Leadership
• Goal setting
• Time management
• Adapting to Change
• Creativity
• Camping

Teaching and Learning
• Effective class room communication
• Designing modules
• Alternate discipline techniques
• Developing IEC materials and tools

Legal system
• Juvenile justice
• Justice for Children
• Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO)
• Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS)
• Preventing Trafficking in Women and Children
• Child Marriage Prevention
• Child Labour Law
• Women’s Rights and Domestic violence Act
• Right to Education

• Street Theatre
• Puppetry
• Story Telling
• Folk arts including Parayattam, Oyilattam, Kaliyalattam, Mattu Kombattam etc
• Karate
• Arts and crafts
• Drawing and painting




With effective filed tested tools we make the learning much enjoyable to the participants. We do use a range of tools including songs, stories, biographies, and simulation exercises to make it a lasting learning process.