04.02.2024 – Quarterly Trainings / Beginner – Workshop on Listening to Stories / Primary – Training on Team Building / Junior – Training on Meaningful Hobbies / Intermediate – Life Skill Education Interpersonal Relationships / Senior – Life Skill Education – Coping with Stress
10.02.2024 – Managing Committee Meeting
11.02.2024 – Campaign on Boys Standing for Gender Equality
17.02.2024 – A day in Bus Library – Melavasal Centre 3
17.02.2024 – Group Counselling – Exercise on Confidence building to face the Annual Examination
18.02.2024 – Ripple Circle – Social Action forum
18.02.2024 – Image Media Club
18.02.2024 – Athirvuhal Forum: Releasing ‘VidiyalParavaihal’(Vidiyal Birds) Hand written Magazine
24.02. 2024 – Releasing of Shortfilms
24.02. 2024 – Managing Committee Meeting
25.02. 2024 – Picnics to Places of Nature’s Bounty / Beginner – Vagai River at Solavanthan by Train / Primary – Kutladampatti Waterfall / Junior – Vaigai Dam / Intermediate – Rameshwaram Coast / Senior – Kodaikanal Hills

Internship Programme


Sakthi – Vidiyal is committed to developing budding social work professionals through providing space for field exposure and personalized experience of working with children. A number of young professionals have been qualified through the internship programme since from the early days of Vidiyal. Today many colleges offer courses in Social Work, Sociology, Community Health, Human Resource Management, Child Care and Psychology. There is a huge need for providing quality field exposure to these students. Vidiyal works closely with the academic institutions and provide one day orientation to students from various disciplines. Opportunities for internship are always available for those who have the interest to work with children.
During the placement period, students are exposed to a range of sessions including NGO Management, Fund raising, Organizing programmes, Field exposure visits, Ethics in social work, Child psychology, Child rights, Child participation and children movement, Legal frame work for child protection, Child protection standards, Juvenile Justice system, Child policy, etc., Specific requirements of the academic institutions related to internship is met.

Vidiyal also attracts international students on internship. Foreign students are enabled to adapt to the Indian context through personalized care and support. Foreign students are provided with a letter of invitation and enabled to apply for entry visa for internship and no foreign student will be allowed to come on tourist visa for internship. Interns are expected to adapt to the time schedule of Vidiyal, six days a week. Interns are expected to work hard for long hours and adapt to any situation that arise during the internship. Interns are expected to sign an undertaking with regard to child protection and they are expected to adhere to the Child Policy of our organization without fail. Skills and talents of interns are always linked to the needs of Vidiyal programme. Internship at Vidiyal would be a life time experience. Most of our past interns would vouch this.

Internship Form Sakthi-Vidiyal