04.12.2021- Nature Day
05.12.2021-Image Movie Club
05.12.2021- Chess and Chinese Checker Training
12.12.2021- Managing Committee Meet
12.12.2021- Tamil Forum
18.12.2021 & 19.12.2021-Rejuvenate Camp
24.12.2021- Christmas Function
26.12.2021- 30.12.2021- Junior – Workshop on Art and Craft
26.12.2021- 30.12.2021-Intermediate – Workshop on Sexual Health and Intervention Program
27.12.2021- Beginner – Training on Right to Protection from Sexual Abuse
28.12.2021- Primary – Training on Know about Plants

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Sakthi – Vidiyal is committed to the promotion of budding social work professionals through providing space for field exposure and personalized experience of working with children. A number of young professionals have been qualified through the internship programme since from…

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  Every Right for Every Child  

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  Milestones Sakthi – Vidiyal has several milestones in its journey down the years. The following are the significant milestones that we mark with pride. 1993 – Registration of Sakthi 1996 – Vidiyal was born and the first drop in…

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Sakthi is a registered nonprofit secular organization registered under Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act 27 of 1975 Old S.No.50 of 1993, New S.No.185 of 2006. Vidiyal was founded in 1996 as a program of Sakthi in the city of Madurai to…

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New Dawn Trustees


OUR PARTNERS IN DEVELOPMENT NEWDAWN INDIA – UK Who are we? NewDawn India, a Christian charity based in Suffolk, UK, has been supporting the work of Vidiyal in Madurai since its inception in 1996. We have five trustees – Mr….

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Brochure in Tamil

Download Brochure in Tamil

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Annual Report1

Annual Report1


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YOU can include our children in your celebration of special days and festivals! You can sponsor a meal or supplementary food for which please contact Dr.G.Sharmila, Project Director Mobile phone +91-9443774707 21, Kennet Nagar Muthupatti East Madurai, Tamil Nadu South…

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Fathers Meet and Mothers Meet March 2015

  Fathers Picnic 2015 The Fathers Forum is slowly picking up and we encourage fathers to become responsible caregivers at home. This year 16 fathers went to Kanyakumari for a picnic with one of their wards with them.  This encourages…

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