04.12.2021- Nature Day
05.12.2021-Image Movie Club
05.12.2021- Chess and Chinese Checker Training
12.12.2021- Managing Committee Meet
12.12.2021- Tamil Forum
18.12.2021 & 19.12.2021-Rejuvenate Camp
24.12.2021- Christmas Function
26.12.2021- 30.12.2021- Junior – Workshop on Art and Craft
26.12.2021- 30.12.2021-Intermediate – Workshop on Sexual Health and Intervention Program
27.12.2021- Beginner – Training on Right to Protection from Sexual Abuse
28.12.2021- Primary – Training on Know about Plants

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Vidiyal Child Rights Movement is a child led organization founded on the principles of Child Participation.

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Sivaranjani at RTE Conference Feb 2015

Sivaranjani  – A stalwart child rights advocate   Sivaranjani, one of our children from Vidiyal Child Rights Movement had been elected as the secretary of the Federation of Children Movements for Right to Participation (FCMRP), a Tamilnadu state level network of…

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Staff training

Staff volunteers training and get to gether March 2015

Training for Staff and Volunteers Vidiyal believes in developing the potential of staff and volunteers who play a significant role in protecting the rights of our children.  This quarter on the —- we organized a one day programme on “Developing…

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Annual day

Sakthi – Vidiyal’s 21st Anniversary Feb 2015

21st Anniversary of Sakthi – Vidiyal Every organization is known by its foot prints during its journey down the years. Sakthi – Vidiyal have been serving children from various disadvantaged backgrounds for the past two decades is now standing as…

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Organization   People who respect India’s sovereignty would quite understand the existence of the law of the land, which takes care of any initiative of its citizens.  A team of professionals including teachers, professors, social workers, social activist, and psychologists…

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THE SPORTS TEAM Play and Recreation are right of every child. The sports team functions to ensure that children get opportunities to play. Apart from this periodical training in sports and games are conducted. Annual Pongal sports meet is organised…

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Success Academic and Technical 100% enrolment in school is attained in our work area. 13% have reached technical training where as the state average for children from excluded communities is just 0.6% 12% have reached graduation and post graduation where…

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Values & Core Belief   Values   Every child is accepted Every child is entitled to dignity and respect Every child is unique and has the innate capacity to achieve his or her  potential Participation of the child is central…

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Sakthi is headed by Dr. Sujatha Rita, a professional social worker and a development consultant. She brings her expertise in terms of programme design and strategic planning. Mr. Ariaravelan functions at the secretary and Mrs. Andal plays her role of…

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